Simulation of an Inferior-Mirage Sunrise


Just so you can see what a sunrise flash is like, here's a simulated inferior-mirage sunrise. It's simply the sunset that was seen from 4 meters above the sea, but run in reverse. There is a little pause at first, so you can get used to the idea of staring at the empty sky, out of which the Sun appears with unexpected suddenness.

animation of an inferior-mirage sunrise

Perhaps the red neck is a little easier to follow here in the sunrise simulation, as you have more time to get ready for it. Watch for the red flash where the neck breaks off; the ends of the indentations on either side grow redder as the neck grows thinner. Then the “reflection” vanishes as a red line at the horizon.

At this speed (about 17 times normal), the initial green flash goes by almost too fast to notice. So let's take a closer look at it, in real time.

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