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I won't actually use the name of Hormel's mystery-meat. The greedy marketers who want to hijack your mailbox might look for the term here, and avoid the goodies prepared for them.

Actually, if you receive unpleasant e-mail uninvited, you can report the senders by forwarding the offensive messages to the following authorities:

the Feds.

If they are promoting stock-market schemes, then the S.E.C. is the place to report them.

You might also consider your state's Attorney General. Here's an e-mail address for the one in Florida, where some of the black-hats operate from.

S*P*A*M*_*B*O*T B*A*I*T

Gandalf at has a page suggesting the following suicide links for address harvesters. (Don't click on these if you're reading this with lynx. If you want to see the hidden traps, display the source for this page.)

Here is a list of people who have mis-used the Web by sending out bulk e-mail:

this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy and so on.

Don't forget the sellers of the software that helps the time-wasters, like this creep and these creeps and these creeps and those creeps and the other creeps. Not forgetting more creeps.

It might also be useful to list the bad guys who refuse to maintain a proper "postmaster" address as required by RFC 822 and RFC 1173, namely this loser and these losers and these losers and these losers and those losers.

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