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This started out to be just a page devoted to green flashes. It has grown to cover several related areas:


If you just want to look at pictures, there are pages devoted to photographs of green flashes, a few links to other people's mirage pictures, and a discussion of how to display spectra realistically.

There are also simulations of green flashes, and ray-traces of the mirages that cause them.


There is a large annotated bibliography of these topics. If you just want references on green flashes, see the GF reading page. Collateral references are a guide to my own publications in this area, and some historical material related to eye safety in solar observing.

Other aids

Please use the alphabetical index to look for specific topics or names. Terminology is explained in a glossary of terms in these areas. There are also tables classifying atmospheric refraction phenomena in general, types of mirages, and types of green flashes.

A partial Table of Contents shows the arrangements of the LINK pointers between pages, with other possible logical groupings.

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